Facebook Unseen

TEAM | Francin Cruz & Robin Soukvilay


Facebook Messenger has a feature that lets you know when a person has "seen" your messages and among the 1.71 billion active users, it has cause some serious social anxiety for many people. Feelings have been hurt, friendships broken and even love lives ruined. 



Yes, it’s true. Yes, it’s a first world problem, but one that could possibly aid a third world one.

Over 3 million Indonesians have Cataracts, a preventable blindness. Poverty stops them from having the 20 minute surgical procedure. So we're going to give people the ability to see again, by getting rid of our own. 


For the cost of $1, Facebook will offer users the option to finally disable the "seen" feature in their conversations.


Every dollar will be donated to partner foundations fighting together against preventable blindness.


By taking away your "seen" feature, you are giving others the chance to see again.